Enthused About Echinacea

We planted echinacea in early spring, as directed by Gardenguides.com, and despite not really having much in the way of frosts in this section of the San Gabriel Valley, it seems to be doing well.

It’s not often that I pay close attention to planting at precise times. Mostly, I get struck by the idea of wanting to grow something, and I try it out to see what happens. Like I read recently (don’t remember where), plants are tough creatures for the most part, familiar with adaptation. Regardless of how closely I may or may not follow directions, I do take great care of our garden by using compost, organic treatments, and the like.

So to have echinacea about to bloom is quite exciting. I don’t recall what color its flowers will be—they can turn out orange, purple, or yellow, from what I’ve read—but I do know the plant can be used to make tea, which I look forward to. Again, Gardenguides.com has easy-to-follow instructions for that. I’ll be sure to post a photo when flowers appear!


For locals where the San Gabriel Valley meets the Inland Empire: You’re invited to attend SGV East Food Swap’s May 28 event in Covina. Original food swapper and author Kate Payne will start the afternoon off with a demo, and we’ll hold the swap immediately after. Please register to join us!

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