Tampering With a Timeless Dish

OK, burritos don’t typically qualify as an entire “dish” (unless we’re talking about those crazy 5-and-up-pounders that restaurants like to serve up as challenges), but when you’re stuffing a tortilla with such healthy elements, it’s surprising how quickly it satisfies your body.

The other day I wanted a really good sandwich, with thick slices of cheese, some kind of tasty spread (not just mustard), and a bunch of greens. Turns out the last few pieces of bread were moldy. So I warmed a flour tortilla and got to work assembling my own version of a veggie burrito: sliced pepper jack cheese, kale, spinach, dash of pepper, and this incredible, tangy “cilantro sauce,” whose recipe I modified a bit. I added sunflower seeds, replaced the jalapeno with crushed red pepper and garlic cloves with green onion, and upped the lemon juice content big time. I’ve also been known to toss in flax seed, chia seed, and quinoa.

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