My Five

Oops, I missed yesterday’s Blogathon theme day #1: 5 movies that have inspired you, or inspired your writing. This is a toughie, but here they are:

  • “All the President’s Men” It’s possible that every journalist would name this movie. I was probably 14 or so when I watched it for the first time, and I’ve seen it countless times since. I wanted to be Woodward, or Bernstein. I also thought it would be cool to work in a bustling newsroom, especially if I made everyone use rotary phones.
  • “Amelie” I mean, what artistic person wasn’t inspired by that film in some way? The colors, the music, the camera angles…watching it was like being bombarded by writing prompts.
  • “Eat Pray Love” Yes, this is basically brand new, however, I found it inspiring. The title’s first word hooked me before I ever saw a trailer. While I was watching the movie, in between trying to figure out recipes for some of the food the director shot in tight frames, I kept thinking that anyone who wants a few months off to rediscover themselves should be allowed to go for it. Someday, someday.
  • “Gone With the Wind” I know, readers may think this one is too cliche, but inspire me it certainly did. I read the book first, which I followed with “Scarlett,” then got around to watching the four hour-long masterpiece. In different ways, I found it just as thought-provoking as “Amelie.”
  • “What Dreams May Come” An older one, but still, an excellent one if you want to really feel something. And be reminded about what’s most important in life, or even after.

As I type this post, I can think of tens of other films that I absolutely love and have felt motivated by. It’s the same trouble I have with my garden: so many fruits, herbs, and veggies to grow, so little time and space to get it all done.

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