Lacrosse the Garden

A recent dilemma has sprouted at my parents’ house: To what size should the back garden be expanded?

It started with a lacrosse ball. Their (super darling) labrador destroys nearly every toy he’s given, including many whose wrapping claims superior construction and longevity. I think the toys that survive have simply been given temporary reprieve. Except his lacrosse ball. (Lacrosse, I recently read, is North America’s fastest-growing sport.) The game is timeworn, a tough-as-nails pastime whose equipment reflects its ruggedness. That’s why we bought the lab a set of lacrosse balls. He loves them—he’ll toss one around on his own, and gets so excited when someone else will play, too. They show absolutely no signs of wearing down.

So my mother and father have been discussing plans to expand their planting space; the only obstacle they’re working around is making sure to leave enough yard for their pup to enjoy. As I take daily walks, this whole situation makes me wonder about the homes I pass, and how many others are growing their own fruits and veggies behind their tall fences. That’s one reason I enjoy hosting food swaps: Meeting new people means getting glimpses into each other’s gardens, either through conversation or, sometimes, in person. Who knew.

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