Christmas Every Week

When we first started our search for a CSA, I read a comment on a website or someone’s blog that went something like, “Opening a box is like Christmas morning.” It’s not quiiite like that, but now that we’re CSA subscribers, produce day definitely has become rather exciting.

Although we could look at our account to read about what to expect in the box, it’s much more fun to be surprised by the contents in person. The weekly newsletter kicks things off—it has a note and recipes from the folks at, in our case, Abundant Harvest Organics—and then we pull the brown paper back to reveal the good stuff. The photos here show this Tuesday’s “small” box, which came packed with oranges, asparagus, broccoli, lettuce, chard, spinach, French tarragon, green garlic, spring onions, and sugar snap peas.

We do grow some produce ourselves, but a CSA—an organic one at that!—is a convenient way to supplement food, and we like knowing and supporting local California farmers. (For any non-CA readers, nothing against out-of-state farmers; in fact, splitting our time with the PacNW means we support locals up there, too!) Plus, being able to “add on” orders for oatmeal, bags of citrus, and 1,500 ladybugs is pretty sweet. More on the red cuties tomorrow.

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