Third Time’s a Charm

This is my third time participating in the annual WordCount Blogathon. Though each previous attempt at blogging once a day for 31 consecutive days ended prematurely, I swear to myself, this year will be different. This time, I’m actually adrenalized about the content here on this blog, and more importantly, I believe in the value of food swaps. While I’m fairly new to the whole movement, its charm and usefulness gained an immediate hold on my consciousness.

Thanks to swaps, for example, I’ve met so many knowledgable people who actually are “urban farmers.” Students of all ages studying agriculture, professionals starting over in new careers, parents who had to learn to cook—from scratch—in order to manage their child’s allergies, adults with health problems who discovered that eating organically made them feel better…the stories go on and on. The point is: Those of us interested in DIY-ing, going back to basics, reconnecting with nature, etc. are pretty happy to meet new friends at these gatherings.

That’s all I hope this monthlong of blogging to be—an online space for existing and future swappers to connect. I can’t offer cups of tea or snacks, so instead I’ll extend little nuggets of info, about the next SGV East Food Swap, something interesting I read recently, or personal garden discoveries. Maybe this third time around, I’ll actually finish the challenge!


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